(Cont'd) Portable Toilets have a maximum allowable capacity, and monitoring the level of waste in the holding tank is imperative. When the toilet is near capacity, it needs to be serviced.

The portable toilet should be inspected for leaks daily, more frequently for high-traffic events, for example, concerts and sporting events.

When locating the portable toilets on site - whenever possible - place them away from impervious surfaces such as streets, parking lots, and sidewalks. And always keep them as far away from storm drains as possible.

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How many portable toilets will you need?

To ensure a comfortable and convenient experience, we suggest having one portable toilet per 35 guests for an all-day event. For events serving food or drinks, expect a usage increase of 30-40%, so plan accordingly. However, if your event is shorter or without food, one portable toilet for every 40 guests should suffice.