Sand, Oil, Grit, and Lint Industrial Interceptors are designed to keep solids like Fats, Oils, and Greases (FOG) from entering the local sewer system. 

These tanks act as concrete traps that separate FOG from wastewater, allowing cleaner water to flow into the sewer system and preventing clogs and backups. Properly maintaining the interceptor ensures that FOG levels entering the sewer system remain low.

To effectively filter and contain these designated solids (Fats, Oils, Greases) from entering the local sewer system, it's important to regularly pump and clean Sand, Oil, Grit & Lint Interceptor tanks. We take pride in providing this service and meticulously document every step to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.

• Car & Truck Washes

• Parking Lots

• Tire Centers

• Dairies

• Automotive Shops

• Golf Courses

• Laundromats

• Hotel Laundromat Lint Traps

• Hospitals & Assisted Care Facilities

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