Natural waste treatment is achieved through a bacterial enzymatic process. Ensure your Septic System stays healthy by adding our natural microbes regularly.

Protecting your Septic System and maintaining its operational efficacy has never been easier; add our superior bacterial additive every month.

The initial application restores the natural biological process and boosts existing biotic activity. Followed up with regular monthly applications, your septic system will perform effortlessly, providing the "peace of mind" that emergencies - and further Septic System issues, are off the table.

Marshall's Septic Care initiates this Bioremediation process with every Septic System service.

12 - Bio Packs $40.00 - Ordering is simple: Use our handy RingBack tool or call us at 775.427.9603 today!


Prevent costly locating services and assist in regularly maintaining your Septic System with high-quality riser solutions from Tuf-Tite. Prefer professional installation? That's us; call 775.427.9603 or use our RingBack tool.